Suzie Walker

Are you worrying about trying to keep up with the keto diet during Christmas? Well, don’t worry it’s totally possible, and here’s how. 

First you have to decide whether you’re going to let a little bit of sweetness in your life this Christmas (and who are we to judge!) or if you’re going to hold fast and stay keto to the core. 

Let’s face it there WILL be temptations everywhere. From that sneaky roast potato to that oh so buttery mince pie. So how do you stay true to your keto lifestyle during this month-long feast? 

Before we explore into what you can eat at Christmas on a keto diet, we recommend you follow these two rules; 

  • Never leave yourself starving (when you’re hungry like the wolf, saying no to that office mince pie will be that little more difficult)
  • Plan (You’ll never be caught short if you know what’s on the menu!) 

With this keto arsenal up your sleeve you’ll be able to follow your head and not your grumbling stomach. 

So let’s cut to the chase… What can you eat over Christmas, and what are the alternatives?

If we’re talking Christmas Dinner here’s a breakdown of how you can ‘ketofy’ the big feast.


The Dinner 

Meat;  whether it’s Turkey, Pork, Chicken or Lamb, all are keto friendly. 

Roast potatoes; This is the tricky part, and the part of the meal that’s maybe more christmassy than the Turkey itself! But don’t panic, roasted celeriac can offer a great alternative, alongside roasted radishes, both delicious, crispy and fluffy and most importantly keto friendly. 

Pigs in Blankets; Once again your keto luck is in! However make sure the sausages are keto friendly, as some sausages can be packed with cereal, check on the ingredients, or speak to your local butcher about pure meat sausages. 

Vegetables; Apart from carrots and peas, you can pretty much take your pick. Choose from sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and even keto friendly cauliflower cheese. 

Gravy; Some premade gravies are high in carbs, however if you make your own using Xantham gum or gelatin your gravy will be delicious and Keto cool. 

Watch out for the condiments like cranberry sauce, horseradish or piccalilly. However you can make your own mint sauce or perhaps try mustard.


The Sweet Stuff

As we all know Christmas dinner doesn’t stop at dinner. The vast array of desserts or for the nostalgic amongst us ‘the sweet trolley’ is what makes the day.

Keto friendly cheesecake is unbelievably delicious, and for that extra chewiness why not add one of our keto bars to the mix for that added texture! And of course feel free to add cream..


The Boozy Stuff 

Those extra carbs can sneak in before we’ve even said roasted carrots!  Head to our previous blog ‘Boozing On Keto’ https://www.keto-co.com/blogs/keto/boozing-on-keto for a list of keto friendly drinks. 

So there we go, no need to panic.. It’s possible for your dinner to not look much different from the carb-tastic meal of previous years! By preparing and planning you can still create a mouthwatering meal to remember WITH the trimmings with little impact and no need at all to break your keto run! 

So have yourself a very keto Christmas and enjoy the festivities!


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