Suzie Walker

Chicory root has a lovely sweet taste.. Which is why it’s our sweetener of choice for our keto bars, but what exactly is it? And why are you putting roots in my keto bar?

Chicory root is a little blue flower and is part of the Dandelion family which has been said to contain many health benefits from stomach health, weight loss, to helping to relieve constipation and much more.

But how can this little root contain so many wonderful health benefits?

It’s all attributed to one thing in particular that’s naturally found in chicory root… inulin!

Let’s get a little technical… Inulin is a soluble prebiotic fibre characterized as an oligosaccharide - another fancy way of saying a carbohydrate fibre… and this is a good thing! Many of us don’t nearly get enough fibre in our diets.. So this is a big tick for chicory root!

Another happy side of Inulin is it’s a prebiotic fiber, which in very basic terms means it creates a lovely comfy environment for the probiotic bacteria to flourish.. And let’s face it we should all be a bit kinder to our microbiome.

And this people.. is why Inulin (chicory root) has been linked to happy gut health, and a happy gut is linked to a happy immune system and we could go on, but we think you get the message.

But the big question.....  

Is Inulin Keto Friendly?

The short answer is yes, inulin is keto friendly!

Chicory root has  no net carbs, which is great news for keto dieters.

It’s rich in fiber, at about 9 grams per tablespoon, which is fine if you’re on a keto diet.

Your body cannot absorb the fiber in chicory root which means that it cannot be used as energy by the body, however it does help slow down the rate at which food leaves our stomach, leaving us to feel fuller for longer.

But like many things, eat in moderation, all that fibre may cause a bit of unwanted bloating, so always ensure to approach your Keto diet in a sensibly and balanced way.

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