"Healthy Fats" "Good Fats" "High Fat" "Eat More Fat" here is a top 8 list of High Fat Keto Foods 

  1. AVOCADOS- incredibly versatile from home made guacamole to chocolate mousse.
  2. WILD CAUGHT FISH - ie not farmed fish.  High in Omega 3 fats - Check out the freezer sections in the supermarket for Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillets.
  3. FREE RANGE EGGS - probably nature's more perfect food, not only packed with healthy fats but also one of the best sources of protein.
  4. GRASS FED MEAT & BONE BROTHS - ideally Organic if your budget can stretch.  
  5. NUTS & SEEDS - almonds, macadamias, pecans in their full form as a nut butter spread.  If drinking Nut/Seed milks be sure to look for those that are free of any additives/hidden sugars.
  6. GHEE/BUTTER - opt for the grass fed varieties. High in Vitamins A &D and it's a better oil to cook with vs liquid oils.  
  7. COCONUT - no top 10 Keto List would be complete without the coconut.  High is MCT fats and antiviral properties. 
  8. OLIVES/OLIVE OIL - a great addition to any salad, the oil is best served cold and not heated in a frying pan.