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Good Ol' Wetherspoons! 

A staple of the UK pub scene, and a regular haunt for those looking for a pub meal that doesn't break the bank.

With all the gallons of gravy and mountains of Yorkshire puddings, sticking to keto at Wetherspoons might feel undoable, but don't panic – Keto at Wetherspoons is absolutely possible!

I've taken a good look at their menu, separating the keto winners from the carb-laden losers. With this insider info, you'll be the keto king or queen of 'Spoons, chowing down on delicious dishes while everyone else stares in envy (Or wonders why you don't have a mountain of Yorkshire puddings on your plate!).

Here's how to order at Wetherspoons without ditching your diet...

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outside a wetherpoons pub

Is Keto Possible at Wetherspoons?

So, you're wondering if Wetherspoons and keto can actually mix? The answer is a resounding yes, but you'll need a bit of know-how.

Luckily, Wetherspoons puts all their nutritional info out there, so you can scope out the carb count of every dish. But it's not just about the obvious stuff. Sauces and sides can be sneaky carb culprits too.

  • If you're a steak lover, you're in luck. The sirloin or gammon are solid keto choices, just ditch the onion rings and chips. Go for a side salad instead – trust me, it's tastier than it sounds.

  • Watch those sauces! The garlic and parsley butter is your friend, but that peppercorn sauce? Not so much.

  • Breakfast? Eggs Benedict, (hold the muffin), is a winner. Or, get creative and build your own keto meal. A chicken breast or some gammon with eggs and a side salad? Absolutely.

The bottom line is you can totally do Keto at Wetherspoons. Let's look at each meal, one by one...

wetherspoons breakfast on keto

Keto-Compliant Breakfast Choices at Wetherspoons

Heading to Wetherspoons for breakfast on keto? No problem! Their menu actually has some decent options, but you need to know what to order.

  • Eggs Benedict is a good choice, just ditch the muffin. It's packed with protein and healthy fats, which will keep you full and energised.

  • Check out their grilled breakfast section. Loads of meaty goodness to choose from, like the Mixed Grill. Just skip the onion rings and toast, and you're golden.

The key is to customise. Don't be afraid to ditch those pesky high-carb sides. With a few simple tweaks, you can have a scrumptious Wetherspoons breakfast and stay on track with your keto goals.

  • Large Breakfast (without toast or hash browns) Predicted: Carbs: 12g Protein: 60g Fiber: 4g Net Carbs: 8g Calories: 1206

  • Traditional Breakfast
    Predicted: Carbs: 29g Protein: 35g Fiber: 5g Net Carbs: 24g Calories: 808

  • Small Breakfast Predicted: Carbs: 12g Protein: 21g Fiber: 4g Net Carbs: 8g Calories: 460

  • Eggs Benedict (without muffin)
    Predicted: Carbs: 2g Protein: 18g Fiber: 0g Net Carbs: 2g Calories: 237

  • Mushroom Benedict (without muffin) Predicted: Carbs: 3g Protein: 12g Fiber: 1g Net Carbs: 2g Calories: 211

  • Breakfast Wrap Predicted: Carbs: 29g Protein: 32g Fiber: 3g Net Carbs: 26g Calories: 721

wetherspoons lunch on keto

Keto-Friendly Wetherpoons Lunches

Lunchtime at Wetherspoons doesn't have to be a keto nightmare. There are plenty of options to satisfy your hunger without breaking your carb bank.

  • Head straight for the grill. Most of the meats are low-carb winners, like the sirloin steak or gammon with eggs. Just be careful with those sides and sauces, they can be sneaky carb-carriers. Stick with a side salad or coleslaw to keep things low-carb.

  • On Wednesdays, the Chicken Club is your friend. Grab the roast chicken or grilled breast - both have a measly 3g of carbs. Add a dash of peri-peri sauce for a flavour kick, it's only 2g of carbs.

Just remember to avoid all that lovely gravy, which has undoubtedly been thickened with some carb-packed cornstarch!

wetherspoons grilled food on keto

Keto-Friendly Grill Options at Wetherspoons

If you're keto at Wetherspoons, don't miss the grill section! It's a treasure trove of protein-packed, low-carb options that'll keep you on track and feeling full.

  • Steaks are a no-brainer. The Aberdeen Angus or the sirloin are both top picks. Just ditch those chips and onion rings, and you've got yourself a keto meal fit for a king (or queen).

  • They also have some tasty extras to jazz up your steak. The garlic and parsley butter is practically carb-free, while the peppercorn sauce is a bit higher but still doable if you're watching your intake.

  • Don't forget to wash it all down with a low-carb beer. Wetherspoons actually has a few to choose from, so you can enjoy a drink without worrying about the carbs too much (Don't go overboard when drinking on keto!)

  • Not a steak fan? The grilled chicken breast is another winner, clocking in at just 3g of carbs.

Remember, always check the nutritional info just to be sure you aren't consuming hidden carbs. But with a bit of savvy ordering, you can tuck into a tasty grilled meal at Wetherspoons and keep your keto goals on track.

wetherspoons fish on keto

Wetherspoons Keto-Friendly Fish Options

Don't be fooled by the sea of chips and bangers at Wetherspoons, their seafood selection is a keto dieter's best friend. Honestly, I've found some real hidden gems there.

  • The Grilled Sea Bass Fillets are a personal favourite. Packed with protein and low in carbs, it's a winner if you swap out the spuds for a salad.

  • Another good shout is the Freshly Battered Large Fish. Sure, it's battered, but you don’t have to eat the batter! Even if you do, it is surprisingly low-carb (around 15g). Ditch the chips and peas and ask for extra greens instead.

  • I always use a macro-tracking app to keep myself in check. It's a lifesaver when eating out and stops me from overdoing the carbs. Try MyFitnessPal for accurate macros on the go!

Seafood is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with omega-3s and good fats, so order up and enjoy! Your body (and taste buds) will thank you!

wetherspoons dessert on keto

Are Desserts and Drinks Possible at Wetherspoons on Keto?

Now, for the tricky part: dessert and drinks.

Truth be told, most Wetherspoons desserts are a sugar bomb. A no-go if you're serious about keto. I usually stick to a cheeseboard or grab some fresh berries if they have them. Watch out for any sauces or glazes though, they're often packed with hidden sugars.

Instead, stick a couple of our keto-friendly snack bars in your pocket, or even some of our tasty low-carb cookies. That way, you won't be distracted by that mountain of chocolate icecream and pancakes!

Drinks can be a minefield too. Vodka, gin, and tequila are fine, but mixers can be loaded with carbs. Personally, I go for a light beer or dry wine if I fancy a tipple, but moderation is key. Too much booze can mess with your blood sugar and stall weight loss.

If you're not drinking, diet sodas, unsweetened iced tea, or water with fruit are safe bets. But steer clear of those fancy coffees and teas, they're usually crammed with sugary syrups and whipped cream. If you want a coffee, get used to drinking it black, or start enjoying bulletproof coffee!

Finally On... Keto at Wetherspoons

Eating keto at Wetherspoons isn't as hard as you might think. Temptation really is all in the mind, and a bit of prep work goes a long way to preventing those carb cravings. Plus, you can still hit your macros while enjoying a meal out!

Grilled meats are always a safe bet, just ditch the carby sides and sauces. Go for a side salad (hold the dressing) or the coleslaw – it's surprisingly low-carb.

On Wednesdays, the Chicken Club has some decent options. The roast or grilled chicken are both winners, but watch out for the sauces. Sriracha's a carb-bomb, but the peri-peri is a-okay.

If all else fails… Eggs are your friend!

And remember, you're not alone in this. The Keto Collective is always buzzing with tips and tricks, so keep your eyes peeled and keep checking back at our Keto Knowledge Hub!

The bottom line? Don't stress about perfection, just make the right choices. You've got this!

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