Suzie Walker

So how can you keep the keto romance alive this Valentine's day without carbs getting in the way?

Let’s start with that ultimate valentine's indulgence ‘breakfast in bed’ 

Bring on the ‘heart shaped eggs’!


Layered lovingly on a bed of spinach, heart shaped eggs are a creative and perfect valentine touch to surprise your loved one with…and if it’s just you, then why not treat yourself, after all you gotta love yourself first!! 

The good thing about many Valentine’s day menus is there’s never a big juicy steak far away. 

To begin, diving into the main course might be taking things a bit too fast.. slow down with a starter of asparagus, scallops or halloumi bacon wraps…avoid anything battered or on or coated in bread..keep it simple. 

For your main meal, steak, chicken or salmon fillets with a butter sauce and a garden salad is the perfect Keto friendly Valentines meal.


So if you’re eating out at a restaurant or cooking at home, make it steak night, this means you get to eat a delicious meal..with no guilt, and no need to cheat on your keto diet. 

Vegetarian? Choose the restaurant wisely and there should be something on the menu keto friendly..perhaps order a few starter dishes or ask the restaurant to take out the carbs from the dish … Goat’s Cheese and a green salad is a great keto friendly meal and sold in many restaurants. As always, be sure to check the menu before you arrive. 

And moving on to the best part…. No hold up… we’re talking dessert! 

We have to be honest, eating out, Keto and desserts are not always a match made in heaven… unless there's a cheese board, or they can offer berries and cream.  Sadly even the cheesecakes are full of sugar..we understand your pain, but try to avoid… (if poss). 

Instead order a coffee, and pair with a delicious and sweet Keto bar to satisfy that sweet tooth. 

….and if the dessert happens after you leave the restaurant, then that’s up to you to decide what’s on the menu!!

 Happy Valentines!

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