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As we have mentioned before, you can have Chocolate on Keto!

You heard me right, it is possible to have a tasty choccy treat while adhering to a keto diet. But it has to be a specific type of chocolate.

Yes, that's right, DARK Chocolate.

Pick the wrong brand or go too milky and you will be kicked out of ketosis double quick. And no one wants that after working hard to get those ketones flowing!

That's why we at the Keto Collective have chosen our 5 Favourite Dark Chocolate Brands in the U.K. to keep your keto diet on track!

Let's get to them…

our top keto dark chocolate uk choices

Our Top 5 Keto-Friendly Chocolate Choices in the U.K.

Sorry, but you will not be able to inhale Galaxy or Cadbury Milk Chocolate on Keto. Those varieties are packed with a lot of added sugar and are a big no-no on a low-carb diet. 

To maintain ketosis, you must keep carbs and sugars low, while keeping fats high. That means the only real chocolate for Keto is Dark Chocolate.

There are now varieties of ‘Keto Milk Chocolate' that use artificial ingredients to mimic sugary milk chocolate. But to be honest, they generally aren't worth your time and money. (We are not big fans of artificial ingredients and additives at the Keto Collective, and these are loaded with them!)

You should aim for dark chocolate made with 85% Cocoa MINIMUM. This will ensure you don't go overboard on the sugars and carbs.

With our (keto) collective knowledge and expertise, we've identified the best keto-friendly dark chocolate varieties in the U.K. that offer taste, nutritional profile, and overall quality, while staying low-carb!

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1. Lindt EXCELLENCE 90%

Lindt 90% Cocoa Supreme Dark Chocolate (#ad) is a staple in my household! As a keto dieter who refuses to compromise on my chocolate fixes, this has never been replaced as my favourite. One little square delivers a wallop of rich, dark chocolate flavour that satisfies me perfectly. Being a brand that can be found in most supermarkets makes it an easy and reliable selection for my trolley.

With its abundantly low carbs and sugar, this chocolate is practically made for keto. I can enjoy the intensity of the cacao without all the unnecessary sweetness that sends my blood sugar soaring. And let me tell you - this chocolate does not skimp on flavour just because it skimps on the sugar! 


It's so creamy and smooth, with exactly the right amount of bitterness to balance the taste.


I'll admit, it took some getting used to just how dark and strong it is. But once my tastebuds adjusted, I was hooked. Where has this chocolate been all my life? Now I can't imagine why anyone would choose a high-carb milk chocolate over this. 

For staying keto-compliant without sacrificing an ounce of chocolate's soul, Lindt 90% Cocoa is my number one choice.

  • Exceptionally dark and rich, suitable for refined tastes

  • Contains minimal carbohydrates, aligning with ketogenic diet guidelines

  • Crafted with sustainability in mind, using responsibly sourced cocoa beans

  • Available EVERYWHERE

  • Relatively inexpensive in comparison to some brands

  • Its strong bitterness may be too intense for those with a sweeter tooth but you will have to adjust if you want your choc fix on keto. Simple.

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2. Montezuma's Absolute Black

As a dark chocolate devotee who loves the intense, bitter taste of extra-high cacao, I am thoroughly impressed with Montezuma's Absolute Black Chocolate. (#ad) 

One little square of this velvety smooth chocolate is enough to satisfy my deepest cravings. It simply melts on my tongue, imparting powerful yet delightful flavours.

I'll admit - this chocolate is not for the faint of heart. With no added sugar to balance the taste, the flavour profile leans decidedly bitter. But that's precisely what I love about ultra-dark chocolate! The bitterness enhances the complex cocoa notes and lingers enticingly.


And a little goes a long way - this chocolate is so rich that I can make one bar last for weeks.


This 100% dark chocolate is tailor-made for anyone on a keto diet. With barely any carbs, it delivers a delicious chocolate fix without kicking you out of ketosis. Even as your taste buds adapt to keto, this bar retains its pleasant bitterness.

So for any dark chocolate die-hard seeking the ultimate intense cacao hit, Montezuma's Absolute Black Chocolate (#ad) is my top pick for 100% cocoa chocolate. The quality of the chocolate shines despite the lack of sugar. If you love dark chocolate, don't hesitate to try this! Just know it packs a serious punch.

  • Pure chocolate experience with no added sugar

  • Works well for those with dietary restrictions like gluten intolerance

  • Its rich taste means a little goes a long way

  • Can be too bitter for those not accustomed to 100% cocoa

  • Texture might not suit everyone's preference

  • Distinct taste that might not align with all chocolate lovers

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3. Definite Chocolate Mallano 90%

Looking for something a little more luxurious? Definite Chocolate Mallano 90% (#ad) may be the choice for you! 

The taste? Beautifully complex. The texture? Sublimely smooth. It glides across the palate, leaving a symphony of deep, complex flavours to savour.

When we shared this chocolate, there was a clear divide: for some, the 90% cacao was a plunge into bold richness they couldn't get enough of, while others took time to appreciate the layered taste profile that Definite Chocolate offers. But all agreed – this is not your everyday chocolate bar.

And the price shows that! Don't expect to be picking this bar up on the cheap. It is very very expensive. And that itself will put off many currently trying to do Keto on a Budget!

Pairing this with a good cup of coffee or a glass of aged red wine could possibly be the pinnacle of our chocolate indulgences. 

The bar’s minimalistic packaging speaks to the quality inside and aligns with its organic and ethically sourced ethos. It's a treat best enjoyed slowly, allowing each unique flavour note to develop and dance across your taste buds.

  • Boasts an intense and refined flavour profile, unlike the typical high-street chocolate

  • Ethically-sourced ingredients underscore the brand's commitment to sustainability

  • The minimalist composition of organic cacao and cane sugar offers purity

  • Its bold taste might be too intense for those accustomed to sweeter chocolates

  • Limited availability can make it a rare find on local shelves

  • The price point reflects its artisanal quality, which may not suit all budgets

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4. Ombar 90% Dark Chocolate

As a dark chocolate lover, I was eager to try Ombar's 90% cacao bars. (#ad) 

And I must say, while these chocolate bars are tiny, the incredible intensity of flavour packed into each small square is remarkable.

The chocolate has a pleasantly bitter taste with nice cocoa complexity. The bars melt smoothly on the tongue with a velvety texture. 

While expensive for the amount you get, the quality of the chocolate shines through with every indulgent bite. I appreciate that the bars are organic, vegan and ethically sourced too.

However, buyers should know that the chocolate bars are exceptionally tiny - smaller than the palm of your hand!

So while the bars are a true chocolate lover's delight for flavour, do note the hefty price tag and minuscule size before purchase. But if you want an occasional taste of intense artisanal dark chocolate, Ombar 90% perfectly fits the bill!

  • Rich, complex flavour that feels like a luxury experience

  • Ethically produced, supporting fair trade practices

  • Made from organic and natural ingredients, catering to various dietary needs

  • The bars are quite small, which might surprise some

  • They come at a premium price, reflecting their quality and ethical sourcing

  • Not suitable for those with nut allergies due to potential traces

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5. Green & Black's Dark 85%

With its bold yet balanced dark chocolate intensity, Green & Black’s stands up well to premium contenders like Lindt. And like Lindt, you will find Green & Blacks Dark 85% in most supermarkets. It is definitely one of the more available dark chocolates.

Green & Black's 85% Dark is a chocolate of high distinction, with deep, full-bodied flavour courtesy of fine organic cocoa that impresses us in every bite. The touch of Madagascan vanilla elevates the taste, offering a smooth finish to the otherwise potent kick of dark chocolate.

A piece from the fridge can be an absolute delight, we've found. Its dense texture slowly gives way, melting in the mouth and releasing layers of rich and complex flavours.

While it is not over 90% cocoa, it can fit into a keto diet, but you will have to be a little more careful not to go over your carb macros for the day.

Overall, Green & Black's offers a sophisticated experience for those who take their chocolate seriously.

  • Rich, intense cocoa taste

  • Organic and vegan-friendly

  • Perfect for dark chocolate connoisseurs

  • May be too bitter for some

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dark chocolate on keto buying guide

Best Keto-Freindly Dark Chocolate Buying Guide

Understanding Macros

When we search for the best keto dark chocolate, it’s vital to check the macronutrients. Keto diets focus on high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate intake, so you should be fine with most high cocoa content dark chocolates. But always check the lable to make sure of these balance of macros:


Ideal Content

Fats High
Proteins Moderate
Carbohydrates Very Low

Ingredients Quality

When considering the purchase of keto chocolate, examining the types of sweeteners used and the overall carbohydrate content is crucial. Artificial sweeteners can vary widely in taste, impact on blood sugar, and possible digestive effects, which means that personal preference and individual dietary needs play a significant role in selecting the most suitable product. Keep away from them! 

We must ensure that the chocolate contains:

  • Natural Ingredients Only: like high levels of cocoa
  • Healthy fats: which should be one of the first ingredients listed.
  • Artificial flavourings and preservatives are best avoided for health reasons and a cleaner diet.

Carb Content

The total carb content is crucial in keto-friendly dark chocolate. We want to ensure it fits within our daily carbohydrate allowance, so go for chocolate with:

  • Net carbs: 5g or less per serving is ideal for maintaining ketosis.

Taste and Texture

While health benefits are a priority, we cannot disregard taste and texture because enjoying what we eat is also important. You have to live a little after all!

I aim for a smooth and rich texture, with a taste profile that matches traditional chocolate, but you may want to try different flavours. Just make sure they don't come with added sugars.

Remembering these key points will help us to choose the best keto-friendly chocolate that aligns with our dietary goals and satisfies our palate.

best dark chocolate on keto

Finally On... The Best Dark Chocolate to Buy on Keto

So there you have it, our choices for the 5 Best Dark Chocolate Options for a Keto Dieter. Remember that it takes time to build up a taste for dark chocolate if you are used to Dairymilk and Galaxy. But over time, you will find your tastebuds adjusting to the darker variety of our favourite treat.

Stick to over 85% cocoa chocolate to keep in ketosis, or if you want a chocolate taste without worrying about sneaky carbs, try our Keto Bars and Low-Carb Cookies!

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